Server and Storage

Namee is one of the most trusted and well-equipped hardware computing companies in the country. We understand that every project has a unique set of processes, tools, and techniques. We have a wide range of specific hardware computing solutions to attain personalized need of businesses. For requirements ranging from servers to smartphones, computers to peripherals, storage devices, backup devices, modems, LAN cards and other tools required for communications and data processing, we are able to cater particular needs of the clients; we can structure delivery in-line with your chosen methodology. From basic level workstations to multi-processed servers we can outfit you with the appropriate hardware platforms to suit your immediate needs or for planned expansions.

Server and Storage

Our experienced and professional consultants will assess your requirements and recommend the hardware that helps you meet your organizational objectives. We are proud to have world-class suppliers who can back our dynamic portfolio up. With their help, we take the hassle of purchasing hardware away from you. Apart from that, we will install these products, support the infrastructure further, and facilitate warranty repairs for the time to come.

To ensure an all around pre and post sales service, our suggested products must provide value to your business; for our customers, we make sure the technology is pretested and approved. We have a testing laboratory where we will also examine the products to be supplied in order to evaluate them beyond the marketing claims.

Conversion Services

Our company believes that our hardware solutions should:

  • Offer a measurable return on investment for our clients
  • Have been quoted through multiple distributors to obtain the lowest price
  • Have gone through our Technical Assurance Process (TAP) to ensure that they meet our and
  • Clients’ standards of commercial class hardware

Our goal with hardware solutions is simple – To provide you with courteous, expedient, and professional service of the highest caliber. To make sure your hardware is reliable, affordable and won’t become obsolete prematurely.