Security Solutions

From firewalls and filters to backup and rapid recovery systems we cover all your IT security needs.

Security and Access Controls

We are experts in Access control solutions which enable secure entry into and around your facilities. Mutually, we will opt out to the right solution based on your requirements. Systems are designed and installed to be ascendable and have the versatility to grow with your business. The solutions are designed to give you a secure, convenient and affordable solution to complex and costly situations. Our professional team of designers, engineers and project managers ensures your installation is delivered on time and on a budget.

Namee’s Access Control Solutions

  • Readers – Proximity, Smart, Biometrics, Magnetic Stripes
  • Locks – Hardwire, Wireless, Electrified Mortise, Strikes, Maglocks
  • Badging and Credentials
  • Personalization Meets Compliance Standards
  • Printers Turnstiles and Gates
  • Server and Clients
  • Cloud Technology
  • Networks, Infrastructure, and Cabling
  • Integration with video, security, existing databases
  • Administration, Commissioning, Training, and Service

By embarking upon the flexibility of the internet, our solutions give you the flexibility to manage your business security at any time and from anywhere. You can have a hawk eye on your business while you’re away from the office. You will also have the option to select our staff as assistance with your system administration.

Namee also enables you to manage your access control system conveniently and affordably by minimizing your capital, administrative, and maintenance expenses. Our solutions can help your organization realize significant cost savings and enable your business with the following:

  • No need for dedicated servers and IT support
  • Eliminated server licensing fees/agreements
  • Reduced management time to operate and maintain the system

CCTV Surveillance System

CCTV Surveillance System

A closed-circuit television, or CCTV, describes a system that captures and records video on a closed, connected system. This differs from broadcast television in the sense that a CCTV system usually involves a direct cable or wireless connection between a camera, a receiver, and a recording device, as opposed to a wireless signal publicly broadcast to multiple, properly attuned receivers.

CCTV systems are used for surveillance purposes, to increase levels of safety and security. Along with assisting with detection, CCTV can also act as a deterrent. A premise with CCTV installed becomes a less attractive target. Different types of alternatives for CCTV Namee can provide

  • Analog – A traditional set-up where the cameras are connected via coaxial cable to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) or monitor
  • IP – A mainstream, higher quality camera set-up that connects to a networked server, allowing footage to be recorded and viewed anywhere via the internet
  • Hybrid – For businesses with analog cameras looking forward to adding to existing units, a hybrid system allows both analog and the higher quality IP cameras to run off the same DVR

Integrated Outdoor Perimeter Monitoring Solution

Lately, some major developments have really revolutionized the outdoor sensor space. If you are considering tightening up of your security and palisade your facilities, Namee will always keep the expectations of the users at priority and as always, will focus on the quest for lowered labor and infrastructure costs. Some of the techniques you can expect are mentioned below:

  • Fence Detection Systems
  • Alarm Monitoring and Control Systems
  • Microwave Sensors
  • Infrared Sensors
Network Management

Integrated Biometric based Access Control Solution

Biometrics identification scanners and door locks eliminate the need for access control cards and keypad codes. Namee employs sophisticated biometrics technology to enhance the security of your facilities and people. We also offer biometrics access control evaluation. Through the installation of biometric server racks, fingerprint scanners, and other solutions for iris and facial identification, we help you deploy advanced, secure, and personalized biometric security solutions.

These technologies help increase the employee security and securely restrict access to sensitive operations, perimeters, and assets through identity authentication based on physical attributes, such as fingerprint, iris, facial, and other identification technologies integrated with existing access control systems.