Consulting services

Onshore development consultancy, staffing services

As an organization of professionals, Namee prides in its employees and values their contribution. We are open to sharing our trained human resource with various other clients and companies on a temporary or permanent basis.

Our consultants mostly work onshore or in client premises to ensure that any development and implementation is on track and also to ensure effective testing before final deployment. Our dynamic approach means that skilled staff can be relocated at short notice and their expertise in multiple skillsets ensures that they are able to deliver productivity with minimum settling time.

Why Namee?

  • Ability to deliver resources that are the ‘perfect’ ft.
  • We ensure compliance with regulations and our resources are highly trained and competent.
  • Honest communication, high commitment to service and passionate teams
  • We are open to flexible contracts, including temporary, permanent and contract staffing.
  • Active listening and ability to cater to sector-specific requirements.