Remote Managed Services

With the advent of the Internet, big data, IoT, ‘mobile’ revolution and cloud services, it is clearly evident that IT and the related infrastructure is the heart of any organization. In the dynamic environment of technology ‘leaps’, how does one ensure continued efficiency, streamlines operations, minimal downtime and maximum utilization of IT resources within the constraints of resources, time and money?

Namee delivers pertinent answers to these questions with cutting edge remote managed services, with the end benefit of you being absolutely sure of your IT performance, without any need to either relocate or reframe your IT infrastructure. Our remote management services focus on all touch points influencing a business, including business continuity, scalability, managing security and associated risks, adherence to compliance guidelines and special requirements.

Networking Solutions
Conversion Services

Why Namee?

  • Absolute transparency in operations
  • Flexible contracts and vendor neutral philosophy
  • Dedicated and mature 24 × 7 × 365 IT support for all eventualities including escalations.
  • Integrated governance and service management, including proactive intervention with shift-left strategies.
  • Advanced tools and toolsets for end-to-end support monitoring and reporting.
  • Assured benefits and improved competitiveness.