Application Maintenance

How can business process be optimised with minimal IT resources, no downtimes and high cost control? How can legacy systems be handled in the event of mergers and acquisitions and the IT domain aligned? What about data format changes, OS integration, rectification, enhancements and need to prepare for the future?

Voila Namee’s application maintenance solutions are the answer.

Namee delivers end-to-end application maintenance services, including preventive software services are designed to enhance business efficiency, whilst reducing cost and improving competitiveness. With remote as well as on-shore support, we are here to ensure that your IT process rolls on seamlessly, whilst the minor bugs and routine maintenance aspects are out of your to-do list. Experience the joy of enhanced stability…experience namee’s service excellence!

Why Namee?

  • Ability to deliver application and functional enhancements
  • Well defined and scalable maintenance process
  • Transparent and collaborative operations
  • Creation of in-house knowledge repositories
  • Cost-effective mission critical support